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Louisiana deputies found negligent in wrongful death suit

Some time ago, this blog reported on the January 24, 2013 shooting of a LaPlace woman. At the time, the family had vowed to pursue a wrongful death claim against Louisiana State Police. Recently, a decision was rendered on the wrongful death claim.

Who can file a wrongful death suit in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana allows certain people to file a wrongful death claim after the death of a loved one. A surviving spouse or children of the deceased are allowed to file a claim. If there are no children and no spouse, the parents of the deceased may file a claim for compensation. Whichever category a family member falls in one thing remains true, an experienced and resourceful attorney may be able to help loved ones with their claim.

Louisiana wrongful death claim takes new turn

The death of a loved one is devastating. Moving forward can be particularly difficult when there is a belief that the death was caused by the wrong doing of another person. The family of Willie Lee is now seeking justice through a wrongful death claim filed against Sheriff Marlin Gusman.

Louisiana man succumbs to fatal injuries suffered in crash

Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident is one the most traumatic events that can happen in life. The suddenness of such a tragedy can make the emotional pain all the worse. While the loved ones of victims are coping with their sudden and unexpected loss, they should not be further burdened with financial worries. In some cases, filing a wrongful death lawsuit is an appropriate way to secure monetary compensation that can help alleviate some of the financial burden that so often results from a fatal car accident.

Car crash throws boy, aunt off New Orleans bridge

After a motor vehicle accident, everyone involved is expected to remain at the scene of the accident. Those who fail to do so are violating duties required by law. Oftentimes, drivers will flee the scene of an accident because they are aware of being at fault and hope to avoid facing charges. These drivers, in many cases, can be later identified and brought to justice and any victims and loved ones involved in the accident can pursue compensation for the damage inflicted on them.

Fatal accident takes the life of one motorcyclist

Car accidents often cause damage to people and property. In the case of fatal accidents, the ultimate damage is done when someone loses their life. This past week a man named James Dunn lost his life as a result of a fatal accident.

Grieving family still seeking answers after daughter's death

The family of a recent law school graduate whose torso was found severed from the rest of her body is now seeking further answers that perhaps authorities and prosecutors are not yet able to give them. To do so, they have filed a wrongful death suit against the young woman's alleged killer, Stephen McDaniel. However, the family has done so fully aware that even if he does manage to prevail in his ongoing criminal case, he will likely not have the money to pay any judgment stemming from this wrongful death claim.

Third wrongful death at treatment facility in 9 months

Many Louisiana residents may have first-hand experience with drug use or have family or friends who have struggled with addiction. It can be a deadly disease, which is why users often enroll in treatment. Patients expect to come out of their treatment program in better shape than when they went in. However, three patients at one drug rehabilitation program have died in the past nine months, leading their distraught parents to file wrongful death lawsuits against the facility.

Family pursuing wrongful death claims over serviceman's death

Wires that were poorly grounded in an electric power washer allegedly caused the death of a 23-year-old National Guardsman in Iraq in 2005. The soldier was washing a military vehicle with a high-powered washer and on active duty at the time of the fatal accident.