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Penalty phase ends for BP after offshore accident

Earlier this month, the aftermath of the BP oil spill marked a new milestone. The penalty phase has now ended for the BP oil trial. This brings an end to almost two years of hard fought litigation. BP has paid almost $35 billion in penalties to date. Now one New Orleans writer is calling for an end to BP's sorrows.

Injured seaman brings Jones Act lawsuit in Louisiana

Injured seaman should be aware of the legal protections that exist to help them when harmed on the job. An offshore drilling company is being sued in Louisiana by a worker asserting he was injured in an on-the-job accident. The offshore worker asserts he suffered severe and disabling injuries. The man has brought the lawsuit based on the Jones Act. He asserts he was injured while working on a submersible offshore drilling rig. The lawsuit alleges the offshore company was negligent which led to his injuries. The worker is seeking damages including lost wages, lost income and medical expenses.

Stalled settlement payments in BP oil spill

Because the aftermath of the massive BP oil spill that affected the Gulf Coast years ago, this blog continues to cover the issues this event continues to present. There have been many ups and downs for plaintiffs seeking to recover for loss due to the spill. No settlement payments were made from October 2013 to May 2014, while the oil giant sought to challenge the settlement in court. Recently, a pair of businesses was denied a timely payment of their settlement by the Circuit Court of Appeals.

BP oil settlement in jeopardy

The saga of the 2010 BP oil spill seemed to have come to an end after the parties reached a settlement last year. The uncapped class-action settlement was set to bring relief to individuals and businesses who were injured from the oil spill. Now, however, a new dispute threatens to undo the entire deal.

Injured workers and family file suit related to offshore accident

The Louisiana oil industry was in the news again recently when two former workers filed suit against their previous employer. The suit is the result of injuries sustained during a 2012 explosion on an oil platform. A consultant's report reviewing the incident, and performed independent of the legal action, concluded that the fault lies at the hands of a subcontractor.

Could offshore drilling become a thing of the past in Louisiana?

The major BP oil spill near Louisiana will leave lasting environmental issues in the Gulf. Offshore drilling is a source of fuel and jobs for many in this state. However, the inherent dangers of the job and its potential for negative environmental effects are leading some researchers to look to other fuel sources. For one researcher, the road has led to an unusual solution: yeast.

BP clean-up continues in Louisiana

The states affected by the BP oil spill are still feeling the effects of 4 million barrels of oil leaking into their waters. Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana are still dealing with the aftermath of this major environmental disaster. Now, BP has plans to stop clean-up efforts in the Gulf Coast waters of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

BP continues to pay restitution for offshore accident

The shores of the state of Louisiana are still recovering after the nation's worst environmental disaster. As part of the settlement agreement to the areas affected, British Petroleum will finance 39 restoration projects throughout the gulf coast. The payments can never bring back the 11 workers that lost their lives in the offshore accident, but it will help to restore resources lost by the oil spill.

The true risk of working in the offshore industry

New Orleans residents are familiar with working in the offshore industry. A new study released in the wake of the deep water horizon accident confirms what many have known for years: working on an oil rig is dangerous. The potential for a fatal offshore accidents is seven times more likely to happen than in any other industry. One of the most interesting aspects of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study is not that the accidents occur, but how they occur.

First phase of BP oil spill trial draws to a close

Three years have passed but the saga of the BP oil spill continues. The civil trial to determine negligence has been in session since February 25, 2013. The offshore accident is recorded as America's worst environmental disaster.