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Fighting for the rights of Louisiana car accident victims

Being in a car accident is always a harrowing experience. For those who suffer injuries, it can be life-changing. Even a seemingly minor auto accident can cause injuries that lead to long-term complications. When the accident results in serious injury, like a brain or spinal cord injury, the victim may require lifelong medical care.

Drunk Driver causes fatal car accident

She was a 40-year-old woman and mother of a 3-year-old. She was loved by many and will be greatly missed. A fatal car accident ended the life of a vibrant woman. Now her family must pick up the pieces from this tragic accident that occurred on Valentine's Day.

Bicyclist killed in fatal car accident

Though motorcycles share the roadways, riders are not always treated with respect by car drivers. Careless drivers can cause serious bodily injury to motorcycle riders. Such is the case of one cyclist who was severely injured by a hit and run driver.

ATV and car collision leaves one dead

Any Louisiana resident who takes to the road must obey the rules of the road. This is true whether operating a car, truck, motorcycle ATV or any other motor vehicle. The life that is preserved could be your fellow drivers or your own life. In addition, when a driver follows safety guidelines, they could reduce their chances of suffering fatal injuries if an accident were to occur due to a negligent driver.

Can decreased lanes lead to safer roads?

Can closing lanes actually improve traffic safety? This sounds counterintuitive but that is exactly what Mayor Kip Holden is betting on. On Baton Rouge's Government Street, plans are moving ahead to reduce the lanes from four to two. Those in the social media arena are questioning the city's plans.

Car accident fatalities increasing in the United States

The U.S. Department of Transportation has released the 2012 statistics on highway deaths. The number of fatalities had not increased since 2005. Between 2011 and 2012, there was an increase in traffic fatalities of 3.3 percent. In addition, the number of injuries due to highway accidents increased by almost seven percent.

Fatal crash takes the life of teenage girl

Car accidents are unfortunately commonplace on the highways of New Orleans. No matter how often auto accidents occur, as a society we never get used to hearing that there has been a loss of life. This past week a tragedy occurred when a teenage girl lost her life due to the alleged reckless driving of a man.

Is New Orleans ready for the driverless car?

Imagine if a car could drive itself. One could nap on the way to work, program the car to pick up the kids from soccer practice or legally drive home after drinking too much. The possibilities would be endless. The rate of car accidents would likely decrease over the years and individuals could be more productive in the car.

Man killed in early morning accident

A recent accident in eastern New Orleans left one young man dead. The four vehicle car accident began when a Chevrolet Lumina operated by a 23-year-old driver was struck from behind. The Lumina then veered into another lane where it was hit from behind by another vehicle. One driver was taken to the hospital for treatment and the driver of the Lumina was pronounced dead at the scene.