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Two kids struck and killed in fatal automobile collision

Tragedy could suddenly occur on or near Louisiana roadways when a driver fails to maintain control of their vehicle. A serious or even fatal accident could be the result of a driver's negligence. Whether they were speeding, distracted, fatigued or intoxicated, these actions could significantly affect the lives of others. When a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they owe a certain duty of care. Failure to uphold that duty could be the cause of a fatal automobile collision.

Hit and Run driver taken into custody

Any type of car accident can be devastating. A hit and run can be particularly difficult because the person who flees the scene of a crime can rob the victim and their family of closure. As a matter of public safety, Louisiana highways may become a little less safe until the reckless driver is apprehended and brought to justice.

Atlanta firefighter loses life on New Orleans street

A fatal collision between a bicyclist and a car took the life of a beloved and devoted family man. Atlanta firefighter, Sgt Frank Guinn, was fatally injured while training for an Ironman competition. Guinn leaves behind a wife, three daughters and countless brothers and sisters from the Atlanta Fire Rescue.

Louisiana man killed in head-on collision

A head-on collision involves twice as much force as that of a rear-end car accident. In such accidents, victims are lucky if they are able to walk away with their lives. Many victims are not able to do so and the families of loved ones are left with painful losses. What's more, the crash can lead to families suffering financial losses -- in addition to the emotional trauma they have been forced to endure. While it may be impossible to reverse the emotional damage, monetary compensation can help, in some cases, to alleviate some of the financial burden.

Louisiana man succumbs to fatal injuries suffered in crash

Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident is one the most traumatic events that can happen in life. The suddenness of such a tragedy can make the emotional pain all the worse. While the loved ones of victims are coping with their sudden and unexpected loss, they should not be further burdened with financial worries. In some cases, filing a wrongful death lawsuit is an appropriate way to secure monetary compensation that can help alleviate some of the financial burden that so often results from a fatal car accident.

Wrongful death by demolition

A day of shopping should never result in the end to someone's life. This is the unfortunate story of a Philadelphia woman who died while shopping at a Salvation Army Thrift Store. The family of the deceased has filed a wrongful death suit against the company.

Fatal accident takes the life of one motorcyclist

Car accidents often cause damage to people and property. In the case of fatal accidents, the ultimate damage is done when someone loses their life. This past week a man named James Dunn lost his life as a result of a fatal accident.

Grieving family still seeking answers after daughter's death

The family of a recent law school graduate whose torso was found severed from the rest of her body is now seeking further answers that perhaps authorities and prosecutors are not yet able to give them. To do so, they have filed a wrongful death suit against the young woman's alleged killer, Stephen McDaniel. However, the family has done so fully aware that even if he does manage to prevail in his ongoing criminal case, he will likely not have the money to pay any judgment stemming from this wrongful death claim.

Fatal car accidents increase during Memorial Weekend in Louisiana

Louisiana residents recently celebrated Memorial Day. Whether it was a family barbeque or out at a parade, many took to the state's roadways to get to their celebration destination. Unfortunately, some did not make it there due to a fatal accident.

Grammercy man dies while at work

Every day Americans head out to work assuming that they will return home again. Unfortunately, those involved in fatal workplace accidents will never return home. One wrong move performing a mundane task in the workplace can sometimes result in a loss of life. For the families of most workplace accident victims, the workers compensation system will provide limited death benefits. The employer is immune from a civil lawsuit if it pays workers compensation benefits, but if there was some negligence on the part of a non-employer third party, a wrongful death suit may be an additional remedy available to surviving family members.