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ATV and car collision leaves one dead

Any Louisiana resident who takes to the road must obey the rules of the road. This is true whether operating a car, truck, motorcycle ATV or any other motor vehicle. The life that is preserved could be your fellow drivers or your own life. In addition, when a driver follows safety guidelines, they could reduce their chances of suffering fatal injuries if an accident were to occur due to a negligent driver.

Car accident fatalities increasing in the United States

The U.S. Department of Transportation has released the 2012 statistics on highway deaths. The number of fatalities had not increased since 2005. Between 2011 and 2012, there was an increase in traffic fatalities of 3.3 percent. In addition, the number of injuries due to highway accidents increased by almost seven percent.

Drunk driver narrowly avoids collision with police car

Negligent driving due to intoxication can produce one of the deadliest types of car accidents. When inebriated individuals get behind the wheel they are a danger to themselves and all who come in their path. The quick thinking of a Covington police officer recently prevented what could have been a deadly Louisiana car accident.

Drunk driver injures woman in Kenner accident

Readers of our New Orleans personal injury law blog know that drunk drivers can cause serious and irreparable injuries. A recent car accident involving a drunk driver left one woman injured as she tried to run from his pickup truck. The accident happened at 5:15 p.m. in Kenner at the intersection of 27th and Salem Streets. The driver was traveling eastbound when a vehicle suddenly stopped in front of a house. This caused him to lose control of his Ford F-150 pickup.

Truck accident brings I-10 to a standstill

Commercial vehicles transport items of all types, including potentially hazardous chemicals, throughout the United States. When any truck accident occurs, it can cause not only serious injuries but also traffic disruptions that last for a long time. When a hazardous material is being transported in such situations, the potential for disaster is multiplied.

Defective product may be the cause of Super Bowl blackout

The night the lights went out on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome will go down in history as the night the Super Bowl went dark. For 34 minutes, one of the most watched sporting events in the nation was held hostage by a darkened field. Players on both sides tried to stay warm while Entergy New Orleans scrambled to get the lights back on. It is being reported that a defective product may be the source of the outage.

Louisiana interstate brought to a halt by string of accidents

A busy metropolis like New Orleans will see its share of traffic disturbances from time to time. Whether the result is a single car fender bender or a multi-car wreck, car accidents can cause a plethora of traffic problems. When an accident occurs, a ripple effect of backed up traffic may become part of the day's headlines. For those directly involved in an accident, a single event can have a ripple effect on individual quality of life that last long after a car is repaired.

Alcohol not a factor in Louisiana car accident killing one

Losing a loved one suddenly in a car accident changes a victim's family members' lives in an instant. Where the victim was the breadwinner of the family, their loss adds a financial burden that may hinder the grieving process. Though nothing can replace their loss, family members of a car accident victim can file a personal injury claim to recover lost wages and funeral expenses.

Louisiana truck accident causes gas leak, road closure

Truck accidents are dangerous enough-their size and weight are much more than an average vehicle and may cause more devastation if involved in an accident-but a semi accident involving hazardous material is even more dangerous.

Motorcyclists ride together to decrease fatal accidents

Among the hundreds of motorcyclists riding in Gretna, Louisiana, to highlight motorist inattentiveness were family members of victims lost in fatal accidents. Many people had a story to tell about either their own injuries or how they were coping with the loss of a loved one.