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I-10 accident by New Orleans kills two

The Monday morning commute can be hectic and rushed. After enjoying family, friends and relaxation over the weekend, it is often difficult to get into the swing of things and head off to work on Monday mornings. Despite the struggle of Monday mornings, it is important that when drivers get behind the wheel to head off to work, the driver observes all the rules of the road. When drivers disregard the traffic laws or don't pay attention, that is when accidents occur and sometimes a car accident leads to a loss of life.

High speed chase through St. Bernard Parish ends in flames

The privilege of driving is one of the rights of passage in the life of a teenager. After a driver's education course and study of the traffic laws teens are awarded a license to drive. As adult drivers, we sometimes take for granted the basic of traffic laws and focus on the immediate business of getting to our next location quickly. This can sometimes result in car accidents that cause injury to both driver and innocent bystander.

Deaths due to injuries in Louisiana higher than national average

Around 50 million people across the country receive medical attention for injuries every year. Unfortunately, many people do not survive, making injuries the leading cause of death for people ages 1 to 44, and the third-leading cause of death in all ages. Louisiana's rate of injury-related deaths of 80.1 per 100,000 is significantly higher than the national rate of 57.9.

New Orleans police officer apparently causes car accident

A New Orleans police officer whose patrol car earlier this week struck two pedestrians has not yet contacted a young couple who were injured in the car accident. According to the couple, the cruiser ran a red light before striking a taxi and hitting them. They received medical attention with what were described as serious injuries.