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Fighting for the rights of Louisiana car accident victims

Being in a car accident is always a harrowing experience. For those who suffer injuries, it can be life-changing. Even a seemingly minor auto accident can cause injuries that lead to long-term complications. When the accident results in serious injury, like a brain or spinal cord injury, the victim may require lifelong medical care.

Car accident news: ticketed while wearing Google Glass

Google Glass is a device that is a computer you can wear as a head-mounted device. The Glass is hands free and allows users to access the internet using voice commands. The new technology is beginning to hit the market. One user received a ticket while wearing the device and driving his car in California. This was the first case of its kind, but legal scholars believe that it will not be the last.

Drunk driver narrowly avoids collision with police car

Negligent driving due to intoxication can produce one of the deadliest types of car accidents. When inebriated individuals get behind the wheel they are a danger to themselves and all who come in their path. The quick thinking of a Covington police officer recently prevented what could have been a deadly Louisiana car accident.

Another accident underscores need for repairs to LA bridge

A Louisiana causeway is in desperate need of updated safety features. While the numerous car accidents on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway may begin ordinarily enough, many of them have ended with a car plunging into the water below the bridge.