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Bicyclist killed in fatal car accident

Though motorcycles share the roadways, riders are not always treated with respect by car drivers. Careless drivers can cause serious bodily injury to motorcycle riders. Such is the case of one cyclist who was severely injured by a hit and run driver.

Driver charged in car wreck that killed passenger

In New Orleans, any car wreck carries with it the potential for serious risks to the drivers and passengers. Even the most vigilant and cautious drivers are vulnerable to an auto accident. If the accident is a result of a careless driver, that recklessness is even more egregious to those who suffer from injuries or their families if the accident is a fatal one.

New guidelines to prevent distracted driving car accidents

The recent "no texting while driving" movement is a prime example of how activists and concerned drivers have tried to make roads a little safer here in Louisiana and across the country. Now the Department of Transportation has created a new "two second" safety guideline that it hopes will contribute to a decrease in the number of car accidents that occur as a result of distracted drivers.

New Orleans police officer apparently causes car accident

A New Orleans police officer whose patrol car earlier this week struck two pedestrians has not yet contacted a young couple who were injured in the car accident. According to the couple, the cruiser ran a red light before striking a taxi and hitting them. They received medical attention with what were described as serious injuries.