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Waiver of Liability Forms

Waiver of liability forms are becoming more and more common.  We are being asked to sign these forms for a variety of activities.  This includes, sports, volunteer work, even for our children to engage in school or recreational activities.  What you need to know:

Dangers Confronting Bicyclist in New Orleans

New Orleans has made great efforts to expand bike paths across the city.  The city now has nearly 70 miles of bike lanes in use or under construction.  There are also 14 miles of off-street bike paths, including those in City Park and Audubon Park.  Becuase of these improvements, the League of American Bicyclists has designated New Orleans as a brozen level bike friendly city.  This is a great development for bike enthusiast, environmentalist, and those just interested in exercise or enjoying our wonderful city.  However, these improvements are far ahead of the city culturally.