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September 2016 Archives

Child killed in fatal offshore accident in Louisiana

In New Orleans, boating is an activity that many partake in as part of their jobs or as part of an enjoyable diversion. While there is a perception that motor vehicle accidents will predominately occur on the road in cars, trucks and other transportation vehicles, there can also be boat crashes that lead to injuries and fatalities. With any fatal accident, the family left behind will need to cope with the loss of a loved one. Part of that is seeking compensation for loss through a legal filing.

A victim's family may have the option of a wrongful death claim

Although death is a part of life, it is still tragic when an innocent victim's life is cut short too soon. New Orleans residents know that the criminal justice system deals with many of these cases. But does the victim's family have any recourse against the parties responsible for their loved one's death? They may. This blog post will give a quick introduction to this sensitive topic.

What protections do injured seamen have?

Federal law provides important protections for injured seaman. Louisiana workers injured in an offshore accident may wonder what protections are available to them. Under federal law, injured seaman and family members of seamen who have been killed in the course of work enjoy legal protections. The Jones Act provides legal options for personal injury and wrongful death claims brought by an injured seamen or injured seaman's family against their employer.

States say OxyContin maker provided insufficient warning of peril

Most people in Louisiana have heard of -- and perhaps witnessed firsthand -- the opioid drug epidemic that has raged across the Bayou State and the country as a whole. There are always many contributing factors to the proliferation of drug addiction whenever it happens. But according to some state attorneys general, a major factor in the epidemic was the decision by one drug maker to misrepresent the dangers of its products.