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June 2015 Archives

Strategies for seeking financial recovery in truck accidents

Much of Louisiana commerce still depends on truck drivers to safely get items to their destination. When truck drivers fall asleep or become distracted by texting and driving, Louisiana residents can get injured. In some cases those injuries lead to death.

Beats speaker involved in product recall

Apple products are now among the most popular electronic brands in America. From iPhones to iPads, the popular brand can be found everywhere in New Orleans. The partnership with the Beats music products has been particularly lucrative for Apple in the last few years. This week a product from the popular Beats line has called for a product recall.

Car accident injures five, one woman charged

Every driver on the Louisiana roadways is expected to follow the traffic laws of the state. This includes obeying all traffic signals. One driver who allegedly violated these laws is accused of causing a two-vehicle crash that lead to five injured persons and one death.

Largest auto recall in history continues to grow

While more airbags have been added to the largest auto recall in history, the maker of the defective airbags recently announced that airbags that have already been replaced will have to be replaced again. According to a company executive, many of the cars that have already been repaired with replacement airbags, received replacement airbags that may have the same inflator blamed for the exploding airbags. The company supplies 20 percent of the world's airbags.