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February 2014 Archives

Louisiana man succumbs to fatal injuries suffered in crash

Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident is one the most traumatic events that can happen in life. The suddenness of such a tragedy can make the emotional pain all the worse. While the loved ones of victims are coping with their sudden and unexpected loss, they should not be further burdened with financial worries. In some cases, filing a wrongful death lawsuit is an appropriate way to secure monetary compensation that can help alleviate some of the financial burden that so often results from a fatal car accident.

Major car seat recall from Graco

Graco, a division of Newell Rubbermaid is a leading manufacturer of children's products. The company makes everything from car seats to baby monitors. New Orleans' residents may not be aware that last week, the company announced a major recall of some of it's car seats due to defective harness buckles.

New Orleans child killed in hit-and-run incident

A sad truth of life is that tragedy often strikes when you least expect it and, sometimes, in horrific ways. All too often, car accidents are the facilitators of these events. When a driver acts negligently and dangerously on the road, it can unfortunately wreak havoc on completely innocent bystanders, as is the case of a recent New Orleans accident.

Family tries to recover 20-year judgment on wrongful death suit

Louisiana residents may find that on courtroom dramas like Law and Order, legal conflicts are completely resolved at the end of the one-hour episode. In real life, the wheels of justice don't often move so quickly. Families seeking resolution to wrongful death suits often wait for many years to recover from a defendant.