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December 2013 Archives

Gulf coast still reeling from 2010 oil spill

The Louisiana coastline is still feeling the effect of the BP oil spill of 2010. Daily collections of tar wash up on the Gulf coast shores. The Coast Guard is trying to determine the long-term environmental effects.

Car accidents can cause long-lasting, devastating injuries

When individuals engage in reckless driving, no thought is given to the possible consequences of this action. Car accident victims and their families are forever changed. The child that is gone too soon, or the father-daughter relationship that must be altered are only two examples. Too many families are left to pick up the pieces of this tragic life event.

Walmart set to pay settlement in gas can product liability case

Gasoline is a highly flammable material on its own. This fact makes it even more important to ensure that containers designed to carry gasoline are stable and free from explosive materials. When a container fails to fulfill this purpose, serious injuries can result. One manufacturer is in the midst of defending product liability charges from injured consumers.

Car crash throws boy, aunt off New Orleans bridge

After a motor vehicle accident, everyone involved is expected to remain at the scene of the accident. Those who fail to do so are violating duties required by law. Oftentimes, drivers will flee the scene of an accident because they are aware of being at fault and hope to avoid facing charges. These drivers, in many cases, can be later identified and brought to justice and any victims and loved ones involved in the accident can pursue compensation for the damage inflicted on them.