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June 2013 Archives

Grieving family still seeking answers after daughter's death

The family of a recent law school graduate whose torso was found severed from the rest of her body is now seeking further answers that perhaps authorities and prosecutors are not yet able to give them. To do so, they have filed a wrongful death suit against the young woman's alleged killer, Stephen McDaniel. However, the family has done so fully aware that even if he does manage to prevail in his ongoing criminal case, he will likely not have the money to pay any judgment stemming from this wrongful death claim.

Another accident underscores need for repairs to LA bridge

A Louisiana causeway is in desperate need of updated safety features. While the numerous car accidents on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway may begin ordinarily enough, many of them have ended with a car plunging into the water below the bridge.

BP clean-up continues in Louisiana

The states affected by the BP oil spill are still feeling the effects of 4 million barrels of oil leaking into their waters. Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana are still dealing with the aftermath of this major environmental disaster. Now, BP has plans to stop clean-up efforts in the Gulf Coast waters of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

Family of explosion victim seeking compensation

When a tragedy occurs, the family of those lost is often left with many unanswered questions. Could anything have been done to prevent the accident? What changes need to occur to prevent other families from experiencing this same loss? Sometimes these questions can lead to the pursuit of a wrongful death lawsuit to help compensate for the loss.