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November 2012 Archives

Missing worker after offshore explosion in New Orleans

The dangers of working in the oil industry are well documented. However, many assume the risk to provide for themselves and their families. This dangerous work helps our nation meet its oil requirements. Unfortunately, sometimes, the dangers prove all-too-true true and an offshore accident occurs.

High speed chase through St. Bernard Parish ends in flames

The privilege of driving is one of the rights of passage in the life of a teenager. After a driver's education course and study of the traffic laws teens are awarded a license to drive. As adult drivers, we sometimes take for granted the basic of traffic laws and focus on the immediate business of getting to our next location quickly. This can sometimes result in car accidents that cause injury to both driver and innocent bystander.

Settlement for Gulf Coast oil spill draws nearer

Years after the treacherous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, settlements are still being negotiated between claimants and British Petroleum. The massive settlement will cover those who sustained economic damage in addition to those injured or made ill as the result of the offshore accident in Louisiana and other Gulf Coast states.

Third wrongful death at treatment facility in 9 months

Many Louisiana residents may have first-hand experience with drug use or have family or friends who have struggled with addiction. It can be a deadly disease, which is why users often enroll in treatment. Patients expect to come out of their treatment program in better shape than when they went in. However, three patients at one drug rehabilitation program have died in the past nine months, leading their distraught parents to file wrongful death lawsuits against the facility.

Step stools recalled: Defective steps present risk of falling

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled 84,000 step stools due to their tendency to break and potentially injure those who use them. The company that manufactures the product, Tricam Industries, is cooperating with the government to rectify the situation