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August 2012 Archives

Louisiana truck accident causes gas leak, road closure

Truck accidents are dangerous enough-their size and weight are much more than an average vehicle and may cause more devastation if involved in an accident-but a semi accident involving hazardous material is even more dangerous.

Tips for Louisiana consumers to stay safe from defective products

When there is a defective product in the house, the whole house and everybody in it is at risk. Louisiana residents may not be aware that manufacturers are under a duty to produce safe products. If their products are unsafe, injured consumers may have the ability to file product liability claims to recover compensation for injuries sustained from the dangerous product.

Police find driver in fatal Louisiana hit-and-run accident

Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident places an emotional burden on family members. A hit-and-run accident may be especially devastating because family members are unsure of who to hold accountable. A recent hit-and-run accident in Louisiana may have ended this way if troopers had not diligently investigated the fleeing driver and arrested her.

Culture of safety may reduce offshore oil rig accidents

According to safety analysts, the risk of offshore accidents is not adequately monitored by the safety metrics offshore oil and gas industry officials utilize. Rather than giving due attention to unsafe practices as a whole, experts claim, the offshore industry focuses on individual injuries as representative of overall safety.