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June 2012 Archives

Waiver of Liability Forms

Waiver of liability forms are becoming more and more common.  We are being asked to sign these forms for a variety of activities.  This includes, sports, volunteer work, even for our children to engage in school or recreational activities.  What you need to know:

Fatal accident occurs on I-10; one man killed

Our New Orleans readers may have seen a recent post that detailed Louisiana's higher than average rate of injury-related deaths. The sad fact that negligent drivers are often to blame for car accidents should encourage many Louisiana residents to practice safe driving techniques and to always wear their seatbelts.

Spokesman: Mesh implant production not halted due to lawsuits

New Orleans, Louisiana, women may be aware that there are more than 1,000 product liability lawsuits pending against the branch of Johnson & Johnson that produces vaginal mesh implants. This week, a representative of the company announced that the company asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for permission to halt sales of four related products in the next four months.

Product recalls increase despite improved safety regulations

Residents of New Orleans, Louisiana, may notice they are throwing away more items in their house because the product is either defective or malfunctioning. Experts working at Consumer Reports confirm this trend, claiming an increase in product recalls in recent years reflects the decrease in product quality.

Deaths due to injuries in Louisiana higher than national average

Around 50 million people across the country receive medical attention for injuries every year. Unfortunately, many people do not survive, making injuries the leading cause of death for people ages 1 to 44, and the third-leading cause of death in all ages. Louisiana's rate of injury-related deaths of 80.1 per 100,000 is significantly higher than the national rate of 57.9.