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May 2012 Archives

Coast Guard increasing tug inspections after offshore accident

New Orleans, Louisiana, residents may remember the devastating offshore accident between a towboat and an oil tanker in 2008 that resulted a spill of approximately 283,000 gallons of oil into the Mississippi River near their city. A large stretch of the river remained closed for six days as dozens of ships remained grounded.

Louisiana one of only 6 states requiring school bus seat belts

Louisiana is one of only six states mandating seat belts in school buses. It may come as a surprise to parents that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not compelled large school buses to provide seat belts.

Two car crashes in New Orleans shock graduating students

Two unrelated car accidents took place in New Orleans within hours and miles of each other involving students about to graduate this year from the same school. One teenager was seriously injured; the other died as a result of her accident.

Deaths in work zones are preventable when drivers use caution

Louisiana residents may not be aware the governor declared April 23-27 Work Zone Awareness Week in concurrence with a national event promoting safety. During the week, the Department of Transportation and Development tried to raise awareness relating to safety matters to reduce fatal accidents in highway work zones.