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Atlanta firefighter loses life on New Orleans street

A fatal collision between a bicyclist and a car took the life of a beloved and devoted family man. Atlanta firefighter, Sgt Frank Guinn, was fatally injured while training for an Ironman competition. Guinn leaves behind a wife, three daughters and countless brothers and sisters from the Atlanta Fire Rescue.

The fatal accident occurred this past Friday on Chef Menteur Highway. Guinn and two others were cycling eastbound when a white Chevy Cruz struck the riders from behind. Guinn was killed and another cyclist was seriously injured. The group had traveled to New Orleans to compete in the Ochsner Ironman. The Ironman consists of a 1.2-mile swim, a 56- mile bike ride and 13.1- mile run. Instead of competing, Guinn's wife is traveling to New Orleans to recover his body. Officials waited to release his name until his wife could be properly notified.

ATV and car collision leaves one dead

Any Louisiana resident who takes to the road must obey the rules of the road. This is true whether operating a car, truck, motorcycle ATV or any other motor vehicle. The life that is preserved could be your fellow drivers or your own life. In addition, when a driver follows safety guidelines, they could reduce their chances of suffering fatal injuries if an accident were to occur due to a negligent driver.

Recently, a Franklinton woman lost her life after sustaining life-threatening injuries in an auto accident. The deceased operated a Kawasaki four-wheeler on Louisiana 450. When she arrived at the intersection of La. 450 and 16, the stop signs were flashing red. The ATV driver disregarded the stop sign and recklessly continued to move forward. A Nissan Maxima traveling on La. 450 struck her. The ATV rolled multiple times and ejected the helmet-less driver.

GM expands recall

Louisiana residents rely on numerous products to get through their daily routine. Some heavily rely on automobiles to get through their day and week. Although these are very beneficial products, vehicles could become dangerous and unsafe. When a product is improperly made or there is an error in production, an unaware consumer could suffer injury or even death.

GM broadened recently their list of vehicles that are being recalled. Since the recall started, more than 4 million cars and trucks have been recalled by the carmaker. The number of vehicles recalled is two million more than GM sold in the United States during 2013.

Can decreased lanes lead to safer roads?

Can closing lanes actually improve traffic safety? This sounds counterintuitive but that is exactly what Mayor Kip Holden is betting on. On Baton Rouge's Government Street, plans are moving ahead to reduce the lanes from four to two. Those in the social media arena are questioning the city's plans.

The plan to reduce the number of lanes came after a traffic consultant conducted several traffic studies on Government Street. The new plan would close two lanes in favor of creating a left-hand turn lane. The Government Street plan will better accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians. According to the consultant, the road will not have any increased congestion and should suffer fewer car accidents after the closure. The key to decreasing traffic and accidents lies in the left-hand turn lane. When there is no dedicated turn lane, drivers wishing to turn can hold up traffic. Cars behind a turning vehicle tend to dodge around the turning vehicle which can sometimes result in traffic accidents.

Louisiana man killed in head-on collision

A head-on collision involves twice as much force as that of a rear-end car accident. In such accidents, victims are lucky if they are able to walk away with their lives. Many victims are not able to do so and the families of loved ones are left with painful losses. What's more, the crash can lead to families suffering financial losses -- in addition to the emotional trauma they have been forced to endure. While it may be impossible to reverse the emotional damage, monetary compensation can help, in some cases, to alleviate some of the financial burden.

A Louisiana father of four was killed in a head-on collision recently. The other driver involved was allegedly impaired. Early in the morning, a 32-year-old man was driving the wrong way on a Louisiana interstate highway. A 31-year-old man, the father of four, was driving in the same lane when the other driver's vehicle hit his vehicle head-on. The father of four was rushed to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and tragically passed away.

Toyota Penalty for Lying About Defect

Following up on our prior post, it has been reported that Toyota will pay $1.2 billion in penalties for lying about defects.  See Toyota Settlement.  This related to the accelerator defect that caused several accidents and deaths.  You may recall after initial reports, there was a media campaign launched to discredit the reports of defects.


GM has announced that it is now recalling over a million cars with defective ignition switches that cause airbags to fail to deploy.  So far, it has been alleged that 303 deaths are related to the defect.  This would be just another sad story where your heart goes out to the families of the victims, but for the fact that GM allegedly knew of the defect and made a "business decision" not to recall the vehicles. 

Milk contaminated orange juice recalled

Coffee and orange juice are early-morning drink staples on many breakfast tables around the country. Orange juice, in particular, is popular among adult and children. Consumers rely on producers of food and beverages to put a quality product on the shelves, and a product that only contains the ingredients listed on the label. A recent orange juice recall related to unlisted ingredients put many consumers with dairy allergies at risk for severe reactions.

It has been revealed that some Lehigh Valley, Swiss Premium and Price Chopper brands may have been compromised. During the manufacture of the juice there was an error that caused milk to be mixed with the orange juice. This is a major issue because milk is a major allergen for many Americans. Lehigh Valley Dairy has voluntarily recalled its products. The affected products have a must-sell date by March 23, 2014. Anyone who has purchased a potentially tainted product can call the company for a refund or exchange.

Driver charged in car wreck that killed passenger

In New Orleans, any car wreck carries with it the potential for serious risks to the drivers and passengers. Even the most vigilant and cautious drivers are vulnerable to an auto accident. If the accident is a result of a careless driver, that recklessness is even more egregious to those who suffer from injuries or their families if the accident is a fatal one.

A 22-year-old woman recently died after a car wreck. She was a passenger in the vehicle driven by another 22-year-old woman who was arrested after the accident. The vehicle went off the road, ran into a ditch and flipped over. The driver was uninjured. She faces charges of not wearing a seat belt, recklessness and vehicular homicide. The investigation is ongoing.

Louisiana man succumbs to fatal injuries suffered in crash

Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident is one the most traumatic events that can happen in life. The suddenness of such a tragedy can make the emotional pain all the worse. While the loved ones of victims are coping with their sudden and unexpected loss, they should not be further burdened with financial worries. In some cases, filing a wrongful death lawsuit is an appropriate way to secure monetary compensation that can help alleviate some of the financial burden that so often results from a fatal car accident.

Tragically, a man from Louisiana passed away after suffering serious injuries in a car crash. The man was being treated for injuries in a New Orleans hospital after a three-vehicle crash occurred on a Tuesday evening. While diving his pickup, the man attempted to make a left turn from a westbound lane and was struck by another truck, driven by a 46-year-old man, that was headed southbound. The two trucks then collided with a sedan that was also driving westbound. Depending on what the investigation uncovers, the 46-year-old driver of the other truck may face criminal charges.