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Attorney knowledge matters on truck accident cases

A post from a few weeks ago focused on truck manufacturers attempting to improve the safety features of their commercial vehicles. Safety features that are being implemented by Volvo Trucks and Daimler were highlighted. Although these companies are making an attempt to make a safer vehicle, however, the fact remains that 18-wheelers can be dangerous hazards on the roads of Louisiana.

When these massive machines collide with unsuspecting drivers, the results are often catastrophic. Here at Frischhertz Poulliard Frischertz Impastato, we know how to help victims of 18-wheeler accidents. These types of cases are a special class of personal injury cases that often require more investigation than the average car crash.

Important smoke detector recall

Smoke detectors are an effective tool used to save lives in a fire. The blaring alarm can alert the deepest of sleepers to the fact that a fire is near. A defective fire alarm can be life threatening for those who have them installed. Edwards (ESL) and Interlogix brands have issued a recall for their series 400 and 500 Hard-Wired Smoke detectors. The recall is a result of the detectors potentially not warning of a fire due to interference with their radio frequencies.

The fire alarms were sold as part of integrated security suite at various security system retailers and installers. The alarm systems are utilized in commercial and residential settings. At the time of the recall, over 100,000 units were sold in the United States. The systems were sold from March 2013 to February 2014.

Distractions and how it contributes to accidents

A distraction is anything that diverts the driver's attention from the primary task of driving. Unfortunately, this type of inattentiveness permeates Louisiana roadways. With more devices designed to keep us plugged into the world around us, drivers are easily distracted from the road. This can have catastrophic results.

There are different classifications of distractions that take attention away from the road. Physically taking eyes-off the road is a type of visual distraction. Cognitive distraction is another type that occurs when someone has their mind on a task other than driving. A manual distraction occurs anytime the driver's hands are off of the wheel. Any one of these three classes of distractions can cause an accident, but the combination of any of the three can increase a driver's risk of getting into a collision.

Truck manufacturers promise safer vehicles

Just as auto makers are moving toward safer vehicles, major truck manufacturers are also trying to make their trucks safer. Each year nearly 4,000 people are killed and over 100,000 are injured in commercial vehicle accidents. This push toward safety is welcome news for the Louisiana families who have lost loved ones to truck accidents.

Truck makers like Volvo Trucks and Daimler are beefing up the safety features that are offered on their models. Everything from enhanced cruise control to lane departure warnings are available. Volvo has touted that a lot of new technology has been added to its trucks since 2009. An active braking system has been added to Volvo trucks since 2012.

GM attempts to avoid product liability with a round of Recalls

Since the beginning of 2014, General Motors (GM) has recalled 30 million cars worldwide. Some may believe that the news could not get any worse for the car maker. However, just last week GM issued additional recalls on vehicles manufactured between 2011 and 2015.

The company has made it clear that no deaths of which they are aware have occurred from these manufacturer defects. However, two car crashes have been linked to the recalls. According to GM Global Vehicle Safety Vice President Jeff Boyer, the company is bringing greater rigor and discipline to their decision making. In Boyer's view, any issue, great or small, that could affect a customer's safety requires decisive action.

Mountain bikes recalled for broken hubs

Mountain bike enthusiasts in Louisiana should pay close attention to a recent recall. GT downhill mountain bicycle owners are urged to stop using the bikes that were sold between February 2014 and June 2014. Although no injuries have been reported, use should be discontinued.

The company that imports the bikes is the Cycling Sports Group Inc., of Wilton, Connecticut. Thus far, Cycling Sports has received five reports of broken hubs. The bikes that are at risk are the Fury Expert, which is blue with red and white accents. The other recalled model is the Fury Team, which is black with lime green and blue accents. The model names of the bikes can be found in small letters on the top tube of the bicycles, above the word Fury.

Product liability: cell phone charger recall effect New Orleans

Staying connected in a digital age requires the use of several different devices that all must be maintained at full power. As a result, multiple chargers and adaptors are utilized to ensure that New Orleans residents stay connected. One company has issued a recall on one of their popular adaptor models. Consumers are advised to discontinue use immediately.

The company is Gemini Manufacturing, Inc., of Gaffney, South Carolina. The product is the power adaptor and charger that can be used to charge various cell phones and electronic devices. About 31,000 units of the defective product were manufactured in white, black, blue, green and red. Before issuing the recall, the company received a report that a consumer was burned on their hand. Anyone concerned about possessing one of the defective adaptors should contact Gemini at 877-230-4986.

Fourth of July accident causes teen to lose his life

Residents in Louisiana often see an increase of traffic during holiday weekends and during the summer months. As people travel for vacations and celebrations, they frequently encounter heavy traffic. In addition, drivers are more likely to encounter negligent drivers who might be speeding, impaired or distracted. This could lead to a serious or tragic accident.

Recently, the nation paused to celebrate American independence. Many gathered with family and friends to commemorate the occasion. For one family, the holiday will now serve as a reminder of the day a loved one never came home. An 18-year-old has lost his life after succumbing to injuries sustained from a car crash.

Truck driver fatigue takes the stage after Tracy Morgan crash

Many New Orleans residents may have heard about the recent devastating truck accident that killed one comedian and injured "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan. The wreck occurred when the semi-truck failed to slow for traffic in front of it, forcing it to swerve to avoid collision. However, when it did, the tractor-trailer slammed into the limo bus carrying Morgan and several others.

The accident has ignited a fire around the issue of truck driver fatigue. The trucker who caused the Morgan accident had not slept in more than 24 hours and had been working more than 13 and a half hours straight, just shy of the maximum legal work shift of 14 hours. However, though truckers are currently allowed to spend 70 hours per week behind the wheel, Congress is considering increasing the number of workable hours per week to 82 hours. The proposal has seen a backlash from safety advocates and politicians, and new legislation has been proposed to block the increase. Only time will tell how this issue will play out.

Two kids struck and killed in fatal automobile collision

Tragedy could suddenly occur on or near Louisiana roadways when a driver fails to maintain control of their vehicle. A serious or even fatal accident could be the result of a driver's negligence. Whether they were speeding, distracted, fatigued or intoxicated, these actions could significantly affect the lives of others. When a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they owe a certain duty of care. Failure to uphold that duty could be the cause of a fatal automobile collision.

Louisiana State Police were recently investigating a collision that occurred on Louisiana Highway 928. The incident occurred when a driver was traveling southbound on the highway. For unknown reasons, the vehicle lost control and veered off the road. This resulted in the vehicle traveling down an embankment and colliding into two young children that were fishing in a bayou.