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Defect Fujitsu laptop battery recalled in Louisiana

Laptops and smart phones have become a part of everyday life in Louisiana. These products are present as we interact with our friends and family. They are also an important part of how we do business in the state. The safety of these products must be ensured to prevent injuries. Accordingly, a recall of a defective laptop battery is cause for concern.

Louisiana wrongful death lawsuit filed by victim's family

Incidents of Louisiana domestic violence can sometimes escalate and become deadly. One such incident occurred Sept. 23, 2014, and it involved a St. John the Baptist sheriff. The officer was killed during the standoff and his family now brings a wrongful death lawsuit against the Louisiana State Police.

Fishing toy recall in Louisiana

Toys are supposed to be a source of fun, not danger. Some toys present a hazard to Louisiana children. When this happens, a recall must be instituted to ensure the health and safety of all potential users of the toys. This week a popular fishing game has been recalled, due to safety concerns for the youngest citizens among us.

Labor Day weekend New Orleans car accidents

The last hurrah of summer in New Orleans is Labor Day weekend. Fun with family and friends is the hallmark of the holiday. However, for some Louisiana families, this weekend did not end on a happy note. Instead, it was filled with danger as several vehicles were involved in a multi-vehicle accident on highways.

Ad campaign to lower Louisiana car accidents

Labor Day weekend is right around the corner. Louisiana residents are looking forward to celebrating the last remnants of summer. For some, this may include attending parties with family and friends. These gatherings may involve alcohol consumption, but party goers across the nation are being urged to not drink and drive.

Louisiana doctoriana d thulliard Frischhertz imlawsuit

The loss of a parent is difficult for Louisiana children of all ages. If there are questions concerning the circumstances of the death, Louisiana children may not be able to properly mourn. The death of a local doctor at the hands of his wife has raised these concerns with the children of his first marriage. Now, these adult children have filed a wrongful death lawsuit to investigate the death of their father.

Britax recall sets alarm for Louisiana consumers

States like Louisiana have laws regarding the use of baby car seats. From birth to age one, children must be rear facing, until he or she weighs 20 or more pounds. Once a child turns one, he or she must be faced forward. This regulation continues until age 4. From age 4 to 6, or 40 to 60 pounds, a belt-positioning booster seat is required for all children. Six-year-old children who weigh at least 60 pounds must use a safety belt or a belt-positioning booster must be used.

Louisiana parish to decide how to spend BP settlement

When the BP Deep Horizon oil spill occurred on April 20, 2010, it forever changed the landscape of the Gulf Coast. Communities throughout the coast scrambled to recover from the disaster as fishing and tourism were among the many industries that were negatively affected. One way cities tried to recover is to take legal action against BP. After years of deliberation, some communities are finally receiving their portion of their settlement. Now, a new question is presented: what is the best way to utilize these funds?

Products liability: Kraft cheese recall affects Louisianans

As fall approaches, Louisiana parents begin to prepare for their children to return to school. Along with new school clothes and school supplies, there are school lunches that must be prepared. A staple in Louisiana school lunches are grilled cheese sandwiches, many of which prepared with Kraft cheese singles. This lunch staple is now in danger due to a recent recall.

Frozen chicken recalled in Louisanna and nationwide

Chicken is one of the most common foods at American dinner tables. Whether purchased fresh or frozen, consumers trust that the meat will be safe for their families. Sometimes this is not the case. One popular food company is recalling their chicken from the Louisiana shelves and those around the country.

The company at the center of the recall is Barber Foods. Almost 2 million pounds of raw frozen chicken is being recalled due to the possible presence of salmonella. Louisiana residents should check their freezers for packages processed between February 2015 and May 2015. Thus far there have been six salmonella cases reported. The contaminated chicken in question is sold under the following brand names: Barber Foods, Western Family, Meijer ad Loblaw's. The remedy for consumers with the defective product is to discard the contaminated chicken or return the packages to the retailer for a full refund.