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Our lawyers have helped many car accident victims in New Orleans

Car accident victims in New Orleans may find themselves suffering the consequences of a number of injuries such as brain, head and spine injuries, fractures, amputations, dislocations, knee injuries, neck, back and shoulder injuries and whiplash. These injuries can result in acute medical emergencies requiring immediate medical care. Moreover, car accident can also result in chronic conditions with long-term impacts. No matter the aftermath of a car crash, money is required to treat recovery from the injuries suffered.

If someone else's negligent actions has caused pain and suffering and economic detriment to a victim, why should the victim alone bear the economic burden of the accident? This is why our legal system allows for auto accident victims to seek compensation from such bad actors. Although they may not have meant to cause harm, they should be accountable for the results of their actions.

Injured offshore worker brings lawsuit in Louisiana

Injured maritime workers have legal options available to help protect them and their families following an offshore accident or injury. A recent lawsuit brought by a man in a Louisiana court alleges that as a result of the negligence of two companies, the worker suffered injuries that have left him unable to work. The injured worker has brought the claim against a boat operator and boat owner, asserting that as a crew member on a marine vessel he suffered injuries that left him unable to work. He is accusing them of negligence and a failure to maintain safe working conditions.

At the time of the accident, the captain of the boat the worker was a crew member on pulled up his net and allegedly caught the worker's leg. As a result, the worker was lifted into the air and tore a ligament in his knee and suffered a herniated disk which aggravated a previous disk injury. At the time of the accident, the boat that the worker was a crew member on was pumping fish into a marine vessel.

The basics of product liability for Orleans Parish consumers

Many people in Orleans Parish have probably heard that product liability law is the branch of law that deals with remedies for injuries suffered by consumers from defective or dangerous products. This blog post provides a basic overview of some key aspects of product liability law for readers who would like an introduction to the topic.

In a product liability lawsuit, a manufacturer or seller may be held liable for providing a defective product to a consumer. If a person is injured by the product as a result of the product's defect, the person may have a product liability case against the manufacturer or a seller of the product. Products are required to meet the ordinary expectations of a consumer. The consumer's ordinary expectations are not met when a defect causes injury.

Louisiana wrongful death basics

If one person commits a legally wrongful act against another, the bad actor may be liable to the other under Louisiana's legal system. Both intentional bad acts and negligent acts may result in this kind of liability, depending on the circumstances. This has been the case for a very long time. But what happens if the alleged victim dies before she can sue? It is often possible for a deceased plaintiff's estate to sue a defendant. This is called a wrongful death claim.

Sometimes, the defendant in a wrongful death action will also face criminal prosecution for the actions that gave rise to the wrongful death claim. This does not eliminate the possibility of a wrongful death suit; a defendant can both be prosecuted and sued for the same act. The defendant may not be found guilty of the crime after the criminal proceedings are concluded. This also does not eliminate the possibility of a wrongful death suit because the plaintiff in a wrongful death suit has a much lower burden of proof than the prosecution in a criminal case.

What information should I gather after a truck accident?

Many kinds of cargo are carried to, from and through New Orleans every day via large commercial vehicles. The vast majority of these trucks are driven by professionals who take their jobs seriously, but unfortunately sometimes a negligent truck driver or trucking company can wreak devastation on others. What should you do if you are the victim of a truck driver who is negligent?

Obviously, dealing with the resulting personal injuries and property damage will be the first thing on the minds of most victims. Many people will choose to consult with a personal injury attorney about their legal options. This can be a very smart move, and it can be an even better experience if the victim can provide the legal staff with certain kinds of information at the first meeting.

What are some signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injury?

Car accidents can inflict a wide variety of injuries - from broken bones to back problems - on Orleans Parish residents. Unfortunately, brain injury is sometimes an outcome of a car wreck. This blog post will give a quick summary of some of the various kinds of traumatic brain injury suffered by car accident victims.

One of the best known kinds of brain injuries is the concussion. Concussions are the result of direct impact trauma to the head. People who have suffered a concussion often report confusion, dizziness and the sensation of having a foggy mind. Many people lose consciousness after a concussion, although many others do not lose consciousness. People who experience these symptoms after a car accident or any other head trauma should see a physician as soon as possible.

Addressing the legal needs of offshore workers

The beautiful state of Louisiana is rich in culture. Part of that rich history involves the state's relationship with the water. The state is bordered on the south by the Gulf of Mexico. Having water as one of its borders means a large fishing industry. Louisiana is known for its local seafood. The men and women who work on these shores put in long hours to ensure the state and the nation has fresh seafood on their tables.

18-wheeler accident shuts down I-10

Louisiana residents are used to sharing the road with 18-wheeler trucks. Theses massive vehicles transport goods across the country to keep our economy strong. And drivers of commercial vehicles are required to meet certain deadlines to ensure that products reach their destination on time. This might lead to fatigued driving which, in turn, can lead to truck accidents.

Nut butter recall due to salmonella

The purpose of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is to protect and promote the health of America. One of the ways this is done is by monitoring the safety of the nation's food supply. Occasionally it is necessary to recall food items that have found to be defective or contaminated in some way. The FDA also helps companies raise awareness when they choose to voluntarily recall potentially dangerous products. This was the case this week after a nut butter manufacturer decided to recall its products.

Kasem's file wrongful death suit against step-mother

Legendary radio personality Casey Kasem passed away in 2014. Though a year has passed since his death, his children have yet to fully mourn his passing. Kasem's death was shrouded in allegations of elder abuse and extreme emotional distress at the hands of then wife, Jean Kasem. These allegations have led to the filing of a wrongful death suit against Jean Kasem.