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What should I do immediately after an auto accident?

One minute a person is driving along, minding their own business. The next -- wham! -- they find themselves involved in a car accident. Many motorists in New Orleans have experienced this horror. It is a good idea to know the proper course of action to take immediately following a car accident. This blog post will provide readers with some general information regarding the steps that should be taken after an accident.

The first thing to keep in mind after a collision is that any motorist involved in the accident should remain at the scene to assist others involved in the accident. This is especially true if others have suffered injuries in the accident.

Truck accident injuries have recoverable costs

We have all heard about the horrifying accidents involving commercial trucks on Louisiana roads. What is even worse is that these accident can and will cause serious injury to passengers and drivers traveling in motor-vehicles. Due to their sheer size, regular passenger vehicles and their occupants often do not stand a chance of avoiding bodily harm. In response, there is a way to put responsibility on the appropriate party after a truck accident.

The factors leading into, and contributing to, a Louisiana truck accident are often attributed to multiple parties. What that means is, multiple parties may have failed a legal obligation to the safety and security of everyone on the road.

What damages might be recovered in a child wrongful death case?

The death of a child is the sort of thing that no family in Orleans Parish should go through, but unfortunately, many do each year. If another party is legally responsible for the child's death, families may want to know whether it is possible to recover damages in a wrongful death lawsuit for the death of a child. The answer to this question depends of the specific circumstances of the case. But, there are some general rules that apply in this heartbreaking situation.

When a child dies as a result of negligence and the family's wrongful death claim is successful, the family may be entitled to recover their financial loss. Some factors that might be analyzed include the child's earning potential; the age, sex, state of health, life expectancy, work expectancy and habits of the child; the relationship of the child to the plaintiffs; and the age, health and circumstances of the plaintiffs.

FDA announces product recall on contaminated sunflower seeds

When folks in New Orleans are looking for a healthy way to snack, they often turn to food products -- such as certain kinds of granola and snack bars -- made with sunflowers seeds. People choosing these foods may be avoiding some of the dangers associated with red meat and processed foods. Unfortunately, they may be unknowingly putting themselves into a more immediate kind of danger, thanks to possibly negligent food contamination.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced a product recall of a company's granola and snack bar products after it was discovered that sunflower seeds used as an ingredient may be contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

Injured offshore workers can recover under Jones Act

Whenever a worker in Louisiana or another state suffers an injury while working at a construction site, in an office or at another land-based place of employment, they may be entitled to benefits under the state workers' compensation statute. The worker files a workers' compensation claim, and the claim is approved or denied based on the specific facts at issue. But, what if a worker on a sea-going vessel suffers an injury while on the job in an offshore accident?

Is there a process for them to recover for their injuries? There is.

Car accident victims in Orleans Parish may have legal options

Many Orleans Parish residents have experienced the misfortune of a car accident. The property damage alone can be devastating, as people must figure out how to get through life without a car, at least for the short term. Even more devastating is the scenario where a victim suffers personal injury and has to deal with the repercussions. If the victim is killed in the accident, the effects can be even more severe.

Not too long ago, we told you about a case where two teenagers were accused of involvement in a car wreck where another teenager was killed. One teenager was accused of negligent homicide and reckless operation of a vehicle. The other teenager was charged with being an accessory to negligent homicide. If the accusations of police and prosecutors can be believed, these teenagers violated the law against leaving the scene of an injury accident without providing assistance to victims.

What are the causes of commercial vehicle accidents?

It's probably obvious why an 18-wheeler accident is a much bigger deal than an accident involving passenger cars only. Semitrailer trucks, dump trucks and other large commercial vehicles can have 25 times - or more - the mass of a passenger car in Louisiana. What this means is that truck drivers, trucking companies and truck manufacturers are held to a higher standard than the drivers, owners and manufacturers of passenger vehicles.

What causes commercial vehicle accidents? It should be remembered that truck drivers in general have been found to be much more careful drivers than passenger car drivers. This is not surprising because driving is their job, and most people make an effort to be good at their job. This means that many big-rig accidents are the result of things not the fault of the truck driver. This can include bad driving by other vehicles and sudden, unforeseeable road hazards.

Man working in refinery dies in fatal workplace accident

There are certain jobs in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana that are known to be dangerous and the employees and their families know that there is the chance that an accident can happen with injuries and death. Other jobs might not be as risky, but there is always the possibility that an unforeseen occurrence will happen and a fatal accident will happen. Those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a fatal workplace accident need to know of all the various issues they will be confronted with and how important it might be to their future to seek to be compensated in a wrongful death claim.

A man working in a refinery died in an accident on the job. The exact details of the accident have not been provided, but it is known that the man was injured and rushed to the hospital for treatment. It was in the emergency room where he later died. The man, 55, is not the first to be involved in an incident at this particular location. In 2013 alone, there were 22 incidents introducing pollutants into the area surrounding this plant. In 2014, there were 18 reports of problems including waste water being discharged in an unauthorized manner, oil spills and the excess release of sulfur dioxide. In 2012, there were 17 incidents.

Answers to some basic questions about wrongful death law

Whenever an Orleans Parish resident is killed as a result of the negligence of another person, the loved ones of the victim may want to learn more about pursuing damages in a wrongful death action. We have answered some fundamental questions about wrongful death cases in earlier blog postings. Here we will address some more common questions and important distinctions in this area of law. Please remember that this is general information only and is not meant to be specific advice applicable to your unique situation.

First, there is an important distinction that relates to the cause of the victim's death. It specifically has to do with who can bring a claim. If the victim dies as a result of the injuries that are the subject of the wrongful death claim, the heirs of the victim may file the case and recover damages if they prevail. On the other hand, if the victim dies of an unrelated cause after the injury, the victim's personal representative or executor can bring a personal injury case against the defendant.

Items containing asbestos can be dangerous products

People in New Orleans have no doubt heard that asbestos is a dangerous material. Much effort and money is spent to remove asbestos from older buildings. Although the likelihood of encountering asbestos today is much lower than it was years ago, the effects of asbestos are still felt by people today. This blog post will talk a little bit about asbestos and the law.

Asbestos, an industrial product, was formerly used as a fire retardant and as insulation. It consists of thin, lightweight fibers that tend to separate from larger masses of asbestos and float in the air. When inhaled by humans, the fibers end up in the lungs. These asbestos fibers in the lungs can cause health problems such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. Asbestosis is scarring of the lungs, leading to respiratory problems. Mesothelioma is a virulent form of cancer affecting abdominal cavities or the lining of the chest.