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Strategies for seeking financial recovery in truck accidents

Much of Louisiana commerce still depends on truck drivers to safely get items to their destination. When truck drivers fall asleep or become distracted by texting and driving, Louisiana residents can get injured. In some cases those injuries lead to death.

When people are injured in a truck accident, their injuries are often so serious that they require long hospital stays, surgery and rehabilitative care. The injured may be unable to work for months, or even be rendered permanently disabled. When the individual is the head of household, the loss of income can be financially devastating for the family. When any one of these situations occur, it may be time to seek legal counsel.

Beats speaker involved in product recall

Apple products are now among the most popular electronic brands in America. From iPhones to iPads, the popular brand can be found everywhere in New Orleans. The partnership with the Beats music products has been particularly lucrative for Apple in the last few years. This week a product from the popular Beats line has called for a product recall.

The recall involves the Beats Pill XL speaker. Several consumers have reported that the speakers have overheated. In one case, the finger of a consumer was burned. In another incident, there was damage to a consumer's desk. The small capsule-shaped speaker comes in four colors and measures four inches tall and 13 inches wide. These speakers are sold in Apple retail stores and online. They retail for about $300. The remedy being offered for the defective product is a refund. Concerned speaker owners should contact Apple for more details.

Car accident injures five, one woman charged

Every driver on the Louisiana roadways is expected to follow the traffic laws of the state. This includes obeying all traffic signals. One driver who allegedly violated these laws is accused of causing a two-vehicle crash that lead to five injured persons and one death.

The car accident occurred on February 15, 2015. The driver of a 2001 GMC Yukon allegedly ran a red light at the intersection of Louisiana Highway 429 and Airline Highway. The Yukon collided with a 2013 Nissan Altima. The driver of the Altima, along with four other people, were injured in the accident. The Altima driver ultimately died from his injuries.

Largest auto recall in history continues to grow

While more airbags have been added to the largest auto recall in history, the maker of the defective airbags recently announced that airbags that have already been replaced will have to be replaced again. According to a company executive, many of the cars that have already been repaired with replacement airbags, received replacement airbags that may have the same inflator blamed for the exploding airbags. The company supplies 20 percent of the world's airbags.

The inflators in question have been found in the cars that had exploding driver's-side airbags linked to most of the dozens of injuries and six deaths that led to the airbag recall. The company executive noted that the company plans to discontinue use of the batwing inflators in question but did not confirm when the change will take place. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it cannot confirm that the replacement airbags are safe but that they are safer. A total of approximately 34 million cars have been recalled so far as part of what has been described as the largest, and complex, auto recall in history.

Major injuries suffered by 18-wheeler accident victim

Drivers have a duty to other drivers to take every reasonable safety precaution while on the roadways of Louisiana. Truck drivers employed by trucking companies are also held to this same standard. When these standards are breached, accidents can occur. Such may be the case for one local driver who is currently in stable condition at a local hospital after an 18-wheeler accident.

The accident occurred early in the morning on Interstate 12. One truck was rear-ended by another 18-wheeler as it approached the 434 exit. Such was the force of the collision that the front cab of the 18-wheeler that caused the accident pinned the driver of the other truck in his vehicle. Firefighters from Fire District 4 were called in to rescue the trapped driver and rush him to the hospital. The unidentified driver appeared to have severe injuries to the lower portion of his body. Transmission parts, engine and fuel oil also littered the street after the accident. Sand was brought in to help contain the mess.

How OSHA regulations and maritime law meet

When OSHA is mentioned, some in New Orleans may think that that agency's jurisdiction is limited to indoor workspaces. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is authorized to regulate all work environments including longshore and marine terminals. The federal authority to regulate these work areas comes from the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 or the OSH Act. Part 1910, Subpart B of the federal OSHA regulations extended the established federal standards of the OSH Act. This extension included standard number 1910.16, which covers longshoring and marine terminals.

Standard 1910.16 created safety and health standards for longshoring. All owner-operators of offshore vessels must adhere to the components of this act. This section covers everything from access to employee exposure and medical records to safety and health standards for marine terminals. Marine terminals in this act are defined as wharves, bulkheads, quays, piers, docks and other berthing locations and adjacent storage areas that are associated with the primary movement of cargo or materials from vessel to shore. This term does not include the production or manufacturing areas that have their own docking facilities and are located near a marine terminal.

Mother's Day car accident leaves pregnant woman injured

For many Americans, getting out on the open road is an enjoyable and recreational experience. However, this freeing activity can quickly turn tragic, as one family unfortuantely discovered this past Mother's Day.

Fighting for the rights of Louisiana car accident victims

Being in a car accident is always a harrowing experience. For those who suffer injuries, it can be life-changing. Even a seemingly minor auto accident can cause injuries that lead to long-term complications. When the accident results in serious injury, like a brain or spinal cord injury, the victim may require lifelong medical care.

Motor vehicle accidents are often caused by another driver's recklessness, inattentiveness or negligence. Drunk driving, texting and driving, and just plain carelessness have led to many wrecks. When the other driver is at fault Louisiana law gives the injured victim the right to recover compensation in a civil lawsuit. The victim can recover compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain, suffering and disfigurement.

Largest car seat recall underway

Car seats are used to protect children while driving in a car with their parents. Parents go to great lengths to properly install and buckle their children into the seat before driving away from home. When there is a defect in that car seat, children can be at risk despite the care of their parents.

Truck accident victim fatally injured

A bizarre double car accident leaves one Louisiana driver dead at 27. Impaired driving is suspected to be a factor in the I-55 accident that occurred on April 5, 2015. Though one driver has been arrested, the truck accident is still under investigation by local police.